On-Site Massage
Mobile Chair Massage adds a special touch of therapy and relaxation to any event. Whether it is corporate meetings, sporting events, celebrations, fairs, work shops, seminars, marketing or fund raising events, employee or client appreciation, trade shows or parties... massage provides a feeling of being pampered and appreciated.

The length of a chair massage session is usually 10-15 minutes. But an option for 5-30 minutes per recipient is available.  During the massage, the recipient is seated and fully clothed.  No oil is used.  No change in attire is necessary.  Chair Massage techniques focus on the upper part of the body - neck, scalp, shoulders, back and arms/hands.  Let Apple Blossom Massage assist in taking your event to the next level.  On-Site Massage comes completely professionally equipped and can be set up inside or outside. 

Help attract customers, build traffic to your company, and show appreciation to employees.  Whether your aim is greater productivity, reduced absenteeism, or an enjoyable reward for a job well done, on-site chair massage is a high return investment in your company's most valuable asset: its people.

On-Site Table Massage in Your Home
Individual in Home: A 60 minute minimum 
+ $60 (travel charge).  Must be prepaid at the time 
of booking.
All modalities available with the exception of the Added 
Extra Value Services and Hot Stones.

On-Site Chair Massage Event for Your Business
Business Event: $70 per hour per therapist; 2 hour minimum and maximum + $30 (travel charge per therapist). Must be prepaid at the time of booking. 

$170 for the minimum package which includes 1 therapist for 2 hours. (More than one therapist is available per event but maximum time for an event is 2 hours.) Two hours will accommodate 10 - ten minute massages or 17 - five minute massages per therapist.  We can provide a sign-up sheet for ease of scheduling.
Let us help you add that special touch of therapy and relaxation to your event.

*Prices for Corvallis only.   *Coupons not valid for On-Site services.
Corporate Wellness Services
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If you're looking for a value-added benefit to help attract and retain quality employees, Apple Blossom Massage offers a comprehensive on-site wellness solution weekly, monthly or as a one-time session for employees.
Service can be achieved at no cost to the employer and without disruption to the operation of business.  The length of a chair massage session is the length of a typical work break. Fees are paid directly by employees in cash or credit card.  It is also the employer's option to cover the entire cost or any portion of the cost.  The only resource needed is a small private space that can be reserved and is convenient to employees.

therapeutic bodywork
Out-Call Mobile Massage in your home or at your workplace. 
Currently only available in Corvallis.
In-Home Massage
On-Site Chair Massage for an Event
​Bring the massage therapist straight to your door. An incredible massage experience in the comfort of your own home is just a phone call away.  This luxury is only a phone call away.  

Spa Party: Add that special something to your party or pamper your friends and family with Table or Chair Massage. Together we can tailor a relaxing and memorable experience for all involved.  

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