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Apple Blossom is blessed with a gifted group of diverse professionals.
Our therapists ALL present with a broad range of qualities unique to them; as well as extensive knowledge of techniques, compassioncareful listening and communication skills, good assessment with excellent intuition, and the ability to plan and execute a session that is most appropriate for you in that moment.  

We invite you to experience a session with each of our therapists to find the right fit for you.

Please note, we keep excellent progress notes on each session so that communication between therapists, if you choose to see more than one of us, is optimal and we can track your progression to ensure you are consistently receiving the utmost in your care.  
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Kate Larson, Owner
Licensed Massage Therapist #17952

Kate has a strong background in therapeutic work and injury treatment, all while incorporating spa and relaxation elements. Kate's passion for helping others, positive mindset, love of massage, excellent intuitiveness, and dedication to the study of anatomy and kinesiology is a perfect foundation for designing each session to reflect your needs and wants in that moment. Relax and rejuvenate with her quiet demeanor during your stress-melting bodywork. 

Dr. Bailey Denno
Licensed Physical Therapist #06729

Bailey has a doctorate in physical therapy and took extra courses while in school so she could study under experts in functional manual therapy and PNF. She believes that physical therapy should provide improvement in your alignment and daily function with focus on your body as a whole, treating you head to toe to enable the most optimal function of your body as a complete system. Her goal is enabling your body to function in sport, hobbies and vocation as efficiently as possible to eliminate overuse.
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Rosel Lapp
Licensed Massage Therapist #24853

Rosel enjoys working therapeutic and deep tissue massage. As a therapist she wants to help you work through your pain. Rosel is always learning new skills to add to her wide range of tools. Whether you wish for deep tissue or relaxation she wants to customize every massage into your specific needs. Rosel is ready to help you relax back into being healthy.
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BreAnna Manassa
Licensed Massage Therapist #24964

BreAnna is dedicated to delivering an excellent massage experience tailored to the needs of her clients. Skilled in Swedish techniques she strives to inspire a sense of ease and therapeutic relaxation in every session based on your goals. With her compassionately quiet attitude, plus a strong desire to aid others BreAnna will work with you to create the kind of stress-free oasis your mind and body deserve.

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