Apple Blossom Massage, LLC
We have a strong background in therapeutic work and injury treatment, all while incorporating spa and relaxation elements.  

Apple Blossom is blessed with a gifted group of diverse professionals. Our therapists all present with a broad range of qualities: extensive knowledge of techniques, compassion, careful listening and communication skills, good assessment with excellent intuition, and the ability to plan and execute a session that is most appropriate for you in that moment. 

Massage and Physical Therapy are the perfect elixirs for good health, but it can also provide an integration of body and mind.  We'd like to extend the wellness benefits of your experience by creating a balance of peace and rejuvenation during your stress-melting bodywork and help you discover your path to wellness.
Monday 10am - 6pm
Tuesday 9am - 6:30pm
Wednesday 9am - 5pm
Thursday and Friday 10am - 6pm
Saturday 10am - 5pm
Times are subject to change depending on each therapist's  availability.

Full Body & Area Specific 
Bodywork Provided

Massage Therapy
30 - 120 minute sessions available

Physical Therapy 
60 minutes sessions available

"I continue coming back to Apple Blossom Massage because they have a wonderful staff, are affordable, and it is easy to book an appointment." - ​Michelle A.
It is our honor to assist you on your path of well-being.
Come discover 
the art and science of massage and physical therapy in a serene environment. 

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(541) 357-2488  call or text
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Monday - Saturday by 7pm.

Our number one concern is your 
comfort & satisfaction.
Every session is specifically tailored to your needs.  We invite you to relax and rejuvenate with the highest level of service possible.
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(541) 357-2488
2151 NW Fillmore Avenue
Corvallis, Oregon 97330
Cash, Visa/MasterCard/American Express/Discover
 - Credit or Debit, and
FSA/HRA Benefit Credit Cards are accepted.
Motor Vehicle Claims welcomed.

Please note our Cancellation Policy which includes a 24 hour minimum notice 
to avoid a $40 fee.​
"Kate {The Owner of Apple Blossom  Massage} is an exceptional professional who cares deeply about her work and the clients she provides massage services for." Allison B. 
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Physical Therapy

Table Massage
Full Body or Area Specific Therapeutic Bodywork.
30 minutes     $40
45 minutes     $55
60 minutes     $70
75 minutes     $85
90 minutes     $100
105 minutes   $115
120 minutes   $130

30 minutes      $40

Couples Massage
**Call or Text (541)357-2488 
to schedule a Couples Massage**
60 minutes  $140 per couple
75 minutes $170 per couple
90 minutes  $200 per couple
​15 minute CHAIR $50 per couple
30 minute CHAIR $80 per couple

​Physical Therapy
60 minutes $120
*Insurance not accepted*
**Call or Text (541)357-2488 
to schedule**

Infant Massage
30 minutes     $40

​Chair Massage
10 minutes     $20 
15 minutes     $25
20 minutes     $30
30 minutes     $40

​Fire Cupping
​45 minutes     $60
60 minutes     $75
75 minutes     $90
90 minutes     $105
105 minutes   $120
120 minutes   $135
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Hot Stone Massage
60 minutes $80
75 minutes $95
90 minutes $110
105 minutes $125
120 minutes $140

Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Medical Massage
**Pre-Approval Needed, 
call or text us at (541)357-2488**
60 minutes     $120

​Cancellation Fee $40
Applies only if you cancel less than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. 
In Home Massage Travel Fee     $60
Plus a 60 minute massage minimum.
Click here for more Mobile Massage information.

Specialized Packages
Pure Bliss     $150
This is the total spa pamper package for 130 minutes & includes all the amenities!

AMP Up!      $160  
Athletic Maintenance Package for athletes in training. (Four 30 minute sessions)

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Foot Soak & Scrub + Massage     $35
(approximately 20 minutes)
Using holistic principles & soothing heat this luxurious foot-bath with a sugar scrub & deep moisturizing massage will leave your feet feeling soft, supple, and truly refreshed. Includes a warm aromatic shoulder/neck wrap.

Silicone Cupping
No Charge
The silicone cups are simply applied over the skin and with a squeeze of the top, a vacuum is produced. People get it for many purposes, including to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage.  Only Katie Miles and Madisan Cossitt provide Silicone Cupping to any massage. Just ask! 

No Charge
Choose from over 80 all natural essential oils, distilled from plants, and inhale their healing properties to improve health or alter your mood. 

Hydrocollator Steam Packs or Hot Moist Towels     
No Charge
​The ultimate in providing deep, soothing heat to your tense muscles. 

Click here for a description of services.

On Site Chair Massage Event for Your Business
$170 for the minimum package which includes 1 therapist for 2 hours.  (More than one therapist is available per event but maximum time for an event is 2 hours.) Two hours will accommodate 10 - ten minute massages or 17 - five minute massages per therapist. Mobile Chair Massage adds a special touch of therapy and relaxation to any event. Whether it is corporate meetings, sporting events, celebrations, fairs, work shops, seminars, marketing or fund raising events, employee or client appreciation, trade shows or parties... massage provides a feeling of being pampered and appreciated.
Please call or text us at (541) 357-2448 to schedule. 
Click here for Mobile Massage information.

Affordable professional therapeutic massage modalities and extra beneficial services to ensure that you receive the ultimate spa experience.
Every massage session is specifically tailored to your needs with our number one concern being your comfort & satisfaction.  
We invite you to relax & rejuvenate with the highest level of service possible.
Purified Water, Hot Tea,  
Mints & Chocolate are 
always complimentary.